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Project Nelson Mandela Bay

Project Nelson Mandela Bay is a private “good citizen” initiative with the objective of making Nelson Mandela Bay “The greatest City in South Africa”. The initiative is being coordinated in conjunction with the local business and civil society community.

So who are we?
We define ourselves as:

  • Passionate and Motivated Citizens
  • Catalysts for positive change
  • A-Political Agitators
  • Connectors
  • Change Instigators
  • Lobbyists
  • Project Initiators
  • Think Tank
  • Visionaries

Why Get Involved?

Individuals and Organisations partnering with Project NMB do so in order to contribute to the City’s legacy, doing their bit to make the change we want to see. Project NMB is not a CSI/CSR initiative but a logical business intervention to help boost the City’s economy, stabilize the job market, create new job opportunities, improve the City’s marketability and standing, attract much needed foreign direct investment, boost local pride in the City and improve the quality of life for generations to come.

Our Relationships are key

Project NMB has a healthy relationship with a number of local organisations, either at Steering Committee level or through the various Project Teams.

These include:

  • Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber
  • Mandela Bay Development Agency
  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • NMMU Business School
  • Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality
  • Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism
  • Unity in Africa Foundation
  • Show Me Port Elizabeth
  • Grant Thornton
  • Simon Says
  • Vodacom
  • Code Group
  • Regus

Project NMB is becoming increasingly recognised in the City. During the recent past we have been invited to be represented at the Baakens River Precinct Market Assessment as well as the Business Vision 2030 Economic Strategy for the Metro.

Project NMB has identified as an area of interest the creation of a freedom precinct/statue for Nelson Mandela. In this regard Project NMB has been in discussion with the MBDA to make its skills available as soon as the MBDA receives a mandate from the City Council to participate in such an exercise. At that stage, the level of collaboration between Project NMB and the MBDA will be assessed.

Destination Nelson Mandela Bay

What do the residents say?

Mayor Danny Jordaan has called on the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University to conduct thorough research into how the city can build a flourishing, sustainable township economy. Click here to view the results of the survey held by the NMMU Business School.

There are three levels of participation available to potential partners. Click here to download the pledge form and to find out what benefits each sponsorship package entitles.

Project Nelson Mandela Bay is set for growth

Here are some of the key milestones reached since inception

  • Registration of Project NMB as a Non Profit Company
  • Creation of Corporate Identity/Brand
  • Bank Account opened
  • Auditors appointed
  • Excellent progress by the various Project Teams with some quick wins/successes already achieved
  • Expansion of the Project Teams by initiating new ones

Current Projects

Smart City iGEMS

Under the Unity in Africa Foundation and in collaboration with industry partners, the key objectives of the ‘education-to-employment’iGEMS programme are to increase the number of technical and engineering graduates from disadvantaged communities in Nelson Mandela Bay and then to place them in permanent employment. This is critical to both this region’s and South Africa's economic development.

The 4-phase education to employment programme sees selected candidates with the aptitude, ability and passion for engineering, receive weekly maths, science, computer literacy, company site visits, career workshops and leadership development throughout phase 1 of the programme.

After matric, students enter a year of work with member companies before entering tertiary studies at various universities in their phase 3 year.

During phase 4, students take up full-time employment with a member company, usually the one with which they enjoyed their internship year.

iGEMS currently have 81 students throughout the first 3 phases of the programme.

Connected City

The Connected City Team has developed an Android App that allows the user to connect to the City and discover places that would otherwise have remained unknown. From local news to the best sushi restaurant in town, Connected City shows you where to go.

Not only does it assist the user in finding the best places to be, and provide information on the City, it is beneficial for tourism as it leads the user to places they otherwise may not have discovered. This in turn benefits the locals as it brings business to their doorstep. The App is also available in mobile web format for iPhone and Blackberry users.

The Connected City platform is fully extendable and currently pulls extensive information from the Show Me Port Elizabeth website on the following categories:

  • Important Contact Numbers
  • Restaurants
  • Events and Entertainment
  • Accommodation
  • Tourism
  • Business
  • Lifestyle
  • News

Download the APP here:

Clean City

This Task Team together with strategic partners have committed to 3 events per year and are well on their way to achieving their goals. These events include Workshops, Clean Ups and Educationals. Clean City has been identified as a way to contribute towards making Nelson Mandela Bay the greatest City in South Africa.

PE Events

Achieved to date:

  • Identified two events that speak to our goals and objectives.
  • The Madiba Meander was launched in September 2018 with a second equally successful follow up event in February 2019, The Valley Meander.
  • Partnered with The Bay Ultra Marathon in 2018 and 2019